A Pumpkin Glyph

Start with a pumpkin shape

If you haven't done glyphs with your class, this is an simple one to start. Start with a pumpkin shape. The students will decorate the pumpkin according to their answers on the following questions.
1. Have you ever eaten pumpkin seeds?    If yes, stem is brown. If no, stem is green.
2. Do you like pumpkin pie? If yes, smile for mouth. If no, frown for mouth. If you don't know, crooked/zigzag mouth.
3. Do you like scary or happy jack-o-lanterns? If Scary, make a square nose. If happy, make a triangle nose.
4. What is you favorite fall treat? If caramel apples, triangle eyes. If popcorn balls, circle eyes. If candy corn, triangle eyes BUT turn them upside down. If it's some other item, square eyes.
These can be displayed along with little stories interpreting the glyph for others to read. Be sure to put the legend up so others will understand the reasoning for this activity and don't think it's just an art project.
Have your students tell the class about their glyphs, speaking in complete sentences. They would interpret a glyph such as: Travis has eaten pumpkin seeds. He does not like pumpkin pie. He likes scary jack-o-lanterns and candy corn is his favourite treat. Your students can be scientists and police officers because they have to compare, contrast and draw conclusions from their data.
I save my pumpkin seeds every October. I make seed packets that the kids decorate, and then I save them until spring. In the spring we plant them in milk cartons. Each child has the seed packet that they remember making in October. The plants grow well indoors and fairly quickly. One year I had a student bring in a pumpkin that he got off the plant after he went home and put it in the ground and let it grow all summer!