Fairy halloween costume

Fairy princess outfit

Make a little girl’s dream come true with this fairy princess outfit. If made directly from the pattern, this costume is a size 2/3. If you need a larger size, simply follow the instructions to adjust the fit. It can be adjusted to about a size 6 or 8.

1/3 yard purple
1 1/2 to 2 yards lavender crinoline (108 inches wide)
2 to 2 1/2 yards burgundy crinoline (108 inches wide)
lavender and burgundy thread
1 yard black 3/4-inch-wide Velcro
8- by 8-inch scrap fuchsia felt
small artificial purple and pink flowers
green and silver glitter
1/2 yard green felt

hot-glue gun and sticks
fabric glue, such as Sobo Premium Craft and Fabric Glue
pinking shears

Base Garments
burgundy or purple leotard and tights

1. For the waistband, measure the child around her waist. Add 8 inches. Cut a strip of purple felt that is 3 1/2 inches wide by this measurement long. Fold in half lengthwise; press.

2. From the child’s waist, measure the length you want for the skirt. Add 3 inches. Lay out the lavender crinoline on a flat surface and cut 2 pieces the width of the crinoline by the skirt length. Sew the crinoline lengths together to make one approximately 200-inch-long strip. Repeat for the burgundy crinoline. Lay the burgundy strip on top of the lavender and sew together across the upper edge.

3. Using a double thickness of thread, sew 1/2-inch stitches right next to the stitching line across the entire top, pulling it to gather as you go along. Pull this gathering to match exactly the purple felt strip length. Slip the gathered fabric into the purple felt waistband. Pin in place. Sew the bottom and sides. Remove the pins.

4. Cut 3- or 4-inch scallops on the bottom of the lavender layer, all the way around. Repeat for the burgundy layer.

5. Sew two 3-inch strips of Velcro to the ends of the waistband, making sure that the hook (rough) side will face in and the loop (fuzzy) side will face out (this way the wings will not get caught on any exposed Velcro).

6. Using the leaf pattern, cut about 12 leaves from the fuchsia felt. Reserve 6 to 8 artificial flowers for the headdress. Pull the remaining flowers off their stems and hot glue one to each leaf. Using the fabric glue, put a tiny bit on each leaf and sprinkle some green glitter. Let dry, and then shake off the excess. Pin the flowers on the skirt in a random pattern and hand sew in place. Remove the pins.