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Make-up is preferable to masks since it won't block your vision. If a mask is worn, make sure the eye holes are big enough so that you can see clearly. Masks should be removed before crossing the street.

Herein you shall find important safety tips. This is by no means the end all of safety. Common sense will always be your best bet. If it seems like a bad idea? it probably is.

Costumes should be non-flammable and bright enough to be seen at night. Robes, gowns, etc. must be short enough so that they can't be tripped over.

If possible, stay in your own neighborhood, and visit only the houses of people that you know. If you do go where you dont know people, never ever enter a persons home.

Absolutely do not to eat any treats before they've been checked by an adult. It's a good idea to eat dinner before going out. That way, you won't be tempted to nibble.

You should trick-or-treat in the late afternoon or early evening and you should stay on streets that are well lit and cross only at corners, and never between parked cars or the middle of the street.

This list could go on and on. The best recipe for safe and happy trick-or-treating is common sense, caution and adult supervision.

For much more information, visit the FDA Halloween Safety website. Click the pumpkin on the left to go there.