how to make a ghost for Halloween

"The children paint each other's foot with white paint and they step on a piece of black construction paper. This makes a great ghost shape - the heel is the head and the toes the bottom of the 'skirt'. Add a moon and a crayon fence and a small pumpkin - they make wonderful Hallowe'en pictures!"
'To make a neat ghost: Use a toothpick to attach a small styrofoam ball to the top of a styrofaom cone. Use popsicle sticks for arms. Dip a square of white cloth (handkerchief size) in liquid starch and then drape it over the ghost shape. Let dry over night. Add googly eyes the next day! These make great ghosts. Try making a really large one!"
"One of my favourites is very fast and easy, but so cute! You make a pattern of a ghost head on tagboard, a rounded head sloping out to a shoulder width. We used a pattern to trace in centres, but you could run off an outline on white construction paper. The kids cut it out and give it two eyes of black crayon or construction paper. Then you take white kitchen garbage can liners and make cuts up so they are like streamers hanging down for the ghosts body. Kind of a wind sock effect. Staple them on and you have very little mess. Hang them up and they move in the breeze!"
"Supply each child with two pieces of tissue paper and a piece of string or yarn. Have each child ball up one of the tissues, then place it in the centre of the second tissue. Next, have the children work in pairs to tie the yarn around the second tissue to hold the balled tissue to form the ghost's head. The children may use markers to make eyes."
Put two pieces of wax paper together and cut out a ghost shape. Cut eyes from black construction paper and lay them between the wax paper pieces in the correct position. Place the ghost between two pieces of newspaper and iron with a warm iron. After ironing, you can fringe or rip the bottom of the ghost. Punch a hole and hang with a piece of string. They are very ghostly!
Take a white wire hanger and shape it into a long diamond shape. Pull a white knee high hose over it from the end opposite the hook. Tie the top with orange and black curly ribbon. Reshape the hanger into a fuller diamond and glue on black construction paper eyes. Hang the ghosts from the ceiling.
"My favourite Hallowe'en activity is a ghost mobile. You need a white paper plate, template of three little ghosts about 6 inches tall, tape, and a small amount of string for hanging. Simply colour, cut, and tape the hanging ghosts evenly around the plate and hang from the ceiling."
"Thin down white glue with water. Dip sheets of gauze into the glue and let dry over a 2 litre pop bottle. Shape into a ghostly figure. When dry, remove the bottle and add wiggly or black felt eyes. Hang from a string or display on a shelf for a spooky decoration."
The children paint their hands white and press onto black construction paper with fingers together. When they dry have the children turn them upside down and add faces.
Have the child draw a ghost outline on a piece of waxed paper, and then have them fill in the outline with white school glue. Dry overnight, and then have the child add facial features. Place on a string and you have a spooky ghost necklace.
"Have the children cut out two identical pieces of waxed paper. I have them cut the two pieces together. Then, have them make eyes and a mouth from black construction paper, and then you iron them together with a newspaper on top, waxed sides together. Punch a hole in it, and put a string through it. I also give them a little sticker with their initials on it to identify it."
"We make ghosts on Halloween. The most economical way I've found to do it is to buy 2 yards white fabric. Cut in 12" squares. Give each child a square. Have the children fold the square into a triangle. At the wide end of the triangle in the center, draw a face with a laundry marker or permanent felt pen. Soak the fabric in liquid starch. Drape it over a bottle with two smaller bottles on the side for the hands. Let it dry overnight. The next day the little ghosts will be frozen in that position. They all look different! Put a small pin in the top, some fishing line tied on and hang from ceiling. They look like they're flying! Happy Hallowe'en!"
"These are great party favours. Drape a kleenex onto the top of the lollipop. Tie under the lollipop with a piece of yarn or fasten with an elastic. With a thin felt-tipped pen, draw a scary ghost face."
"Crumple several sheets of newspaper into a ball about the size of a basketball. Cover with newsprint and place in white plastic garbage bag. Pinch together at the 'neck' and wrap yarn around it several times. Tie yarn in a knot, then a bow. Use a marking pen to draw a spooky face. Place a strip of masking tape at the top of head. Poke a hole under it and string yarn through the hole for hanging. Hang some from your classroom ceiling!"