Pumpkin Learning

Pumpkin Art

The children make paper bag pumpkins. They stuff a brown lunch bag and tie the top with a green pipe cleaner. Then they paint the bags orange and the 'stems' green. I make a bulletin board of a pumpkin patch. The children paint the vines and I staple their paper bag pumpkins onto them. Sometimes I add plastic grass (basket grass) to the board. It makes a 3-D pumpkin patch. Tip: If you don't paint faces on them they can stay in the hallway during November, too!
Another Pumpkin Pie in a Baggy
Have each of your children spoon a few pieces of baked pumpkin (see below) into a Ziplock sandwich bag. Have each child measure 1 tsp. of sugar, a dash of allspice, and a dash of cinnamon into his bag. The children press the air out of their baggy and seal them shut. Then have the children squish their bags to mash the pumpkin and to mix the spices. Cut a corner from each bag and let the children squeeze the pumpkin mixture onto graham crackers. Top with Cool Whip.